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Bullets, Bruises And Bodies…Oh My!

Ever since Frank Castle was announced to be on Marvel’s Daredevil‘s second season I was excited. Marvel had established that their Netflix lineup was the gritty, more grounded in the real world side of the television product. And it worked too, especially with the character choices. Read More »

Future Man

Future Man is the new series executive produced by Seth Rogen. It is pretty much what you would expect from a project with Rogen’s name attached to it. Read More »

Murder On The Orient Express A Beautifully Done Remake

This is a remake. Most times that would make most moviegoers flip their noses up and ignore this offering. Honestly, I didn’t expect too much from the film even with the tantalizing cast that was offered up. I thought “Oh great, Hollywood has ran out of ideas again !”  That being said, I was pleasantly shocked to find a fantastically ... Read More »

Kingsman: The Golden Circle A Fun Continuation of the Franchise

The Kingsman franchise is not your typical comic book movie. It is packed with extreme violence, foul language, and an undeniable cool factor that permeates every single scene. It is James Bond on acid and man is the trip a good one. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!! Read More »

American Assassin

One man, one goal, one thirst… a thirst for revenge. Is all I could hear in my head as I watched the trailer for the film American Assassin. It seemed like a formulaic, overly simple, action film where some guy was done wrong by a bad guy and for this he had to die (cue Schwarzenegger-esque catchphrase and roll credits). ... Read More »

Bitch Seat Reviews Episode 2: Detroit

In the summer of 1967, rioting and civil unrest starts to tear apart the city of Detroit. Two days later, a report of gunshots prompts the Detroit Police Department, the Michigan State Police and the Michigan Army National Guard to search and seize an annex of the nearby Algiers Motel. Several policemen start to flout procedure by forcefully and viciously ... Read More »

Should You Bay(watch) This Movie ?

David Hasslehoff, Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth… These are just a few of the distinguished names that made my TV light up in the 90’s. They made lifeguards seem like more than party poopers in bathing suits. And introduced many a young man to the wonders of slow motion running… dear god the slow motion running. Taking every 70s, 80s, 90s ... Read More »

Bitch Seat Reviews: Episode 1: Atomic Blonde

Read More »

From the 5 Dollar Bin Winter’s Tale

Release Date: June 24, 2014 MPAA Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 118 mins. Director: Akiva Goldsman Studio: Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery Stars: Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe A baby set afloat on a model boat washes up on the Brooklyn shore. This baby grows up to be Peter Lake (Colin Farrell), becomes a thief and eventually turns on his “employer”. This ... Read More »

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Luc Besson is a great director with plenty of hits. It looked as if he would have another one with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It has everything a big time blockbuster includes: big name director, massive budget for special effects, big name stars. What could go wrong ? Read More »

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