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The Art of Disneybounding

There are many rules and regulations that govern the grounds of The Happiest Place on Earth, and more continue to be added. One rule that has led to its own subculture of fashion is the ban of anyone above 14 years old from wearing a costume in a Disney park. Read More »

Dapper Day at Disney is Coming! Are You Ready?

It’s hard to imagine Disneyland embracing whimsy any more than they already have; but every Mouseketeer knows that the best day to visit the House of Mouse in Anaheim, Orlando, or Paris is during Dapper Day. Read More »

The Future of the Disney Princess

According to Maui in Moana, “you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick; you’re a princess.” The argument around a generic stereotype depicting Disney princesses has become so pervasive, it has even made its way in a few of the films. Disney enthusiasts, who have followed and studied the 80-year legacy of Disney Princess films, have watched it transform ... Read More »

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