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Getting to Know The Punisher’s Daniel Webber

I want to state for the record that Daniel Webber has a charming Australian accent, which made doing a phone interview with him all the more wonderful.   Okay so, Marvel Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’. First off, congratulations! Thank you so much. First off, how, why, did you land the role? Still trying to figure it out. Just went through the ... Read More »

Getting to Know The Punisher’s Michael Nathanson

Your character is Sam Stein, so what made you want to get into playing this character in the first place, how did you get the role? Well, I love working! That’s initially what made me want to do it, I got the audition and wanted to do it. I got a call for an audition about a series, it was ... Read More »

That’s My Entertainment Interviews Jason Moore From The Punisher

Q:Congratulations on getting a role on the Punisher! That is awesome-sauce. JM: Thank you so much. Q:The character you’re playing, Curtis Hoyle, he has a longstanding history in the comic books. JM: Yes he does, he’s definitely an established character in the comic books, which made it easy for my research. Q:So you did do some research into the comics? ... Read More »

Finding Dory

Studio: Pixar Director: Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane MPAA Rating: PG Screenwriters: Andrew Stanton Starring: Ellen DeGeneres (Dory), Albert Brooks (Marlin), Hayden Rolence (Nemo) Genre: Family, Adventure The semi-sequel to the Pixar adventure Finding Nemo, pits everyones favorite forgetful blue tang fish on the search for her own family, aided by some old friends and making a bunch of new friends ... Read More »

Movie Moxie’s Horror Closet presents The Veil

Review By: Alicia Glass Studio: Blumhouse Productions MPAA Rating: R Director: Phil Joanou Twenty years after the fact, the lone survivor of a cult suicide massacre returns to the scene of the crime with a film crew, for answers. You really can’t be sure what to expect, even reading the synopsis and knowing who’s going to be in the film ... Read More »

Movie Moxie’s Horror Closet presents Oculus

Review By Alicia Glass  Studio: Relativity Media MPAA Rating: R Director: Mike Flanagan A woman tries to exonerate her brother of the suspicion of killing their parents, by proving that the crime was a murder of supernatural origins. Honestly, Oculus is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in recent years, although that isn’t necessarily saying much. Karen Gillian ... Read More »

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