Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 Ep 5 ‘Baby Proof’: Choose your destiny!


It’s well known that everyone wants a piece of Ashy-Slashy, who wouldn’t?

But this demon-baby version of Ash, straight from Ruby’s witch-fingers like a bat out of a hellion, is a bit much. Demon-baby just has to take out poor Heidi what’s-her-foreign-face and engage our hero Ash in what has to be the most ridiculous puppet show on ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ so far.

While that’s going on, deadite Pablo is still trying to get to Kelly and Brandy, but one good got with the Kandarian dagger sends him right off the edge into vision-quest time with his grandfather Brujo, and hey, there’s that naked vision spirit lady again! Her name is apparently Mitza.

Why is it every last person who encounters the Necronomicon is compelled to use it in some way? That writing on the walls of Mrs. Prevetts house is yet more evidence to this phenomenon. The demon-baby sure takes after his unwilling daddy when he sinks his teeth into something, and just refuses to let go with everything in him, and uses everything around him at his disposal to get the job done. Like say, a dead headless body.

Poor Pablo, I tell you. Ever since he met the Jefe his life has gotten far too strange. Now, to become a Brujo Especial, Pablo has to make the right choice, and only gets one shot at it. Kelly believes in him, and Pablo had better believe in himself, because becoming the special Warlock is the best way to help the Jefe!

Things are heading for a confrontation with Ruby, but being caught with what is clearly a childs body and nothing else, officer, would not be helpful to Ash or any of his crew. Weapons are being readied on all sides, and deadites are rising in greater numbers than before, how will our Ghostbeaters stop Ruby now!

Come back to Starz next week for more wacky deadite adventures!