Amazon Pulls Out All The Stops For Comic-Con @ Home 2021


Amazon knows that one of the biggest draws to San Diego Comic-Con is talent. We’re all there for the costumes and comics but San Diego Comic Con is special, it consistently brings the A-list talent. Of all the companies to bring the muscle, it’s no surprise that Amazon would showcase some of the top talents at the show.

If you were waiting for a panel with big announcements, this is it. The panel included showrunners from upcoming series like The Wheel of Time, S.O.Z., I Know What You Did Last Summer, and the upcoming Evangelion.

As a result, the panel was almost twice as long as almost everything else this weekend. That’s not a bad thing but it was a nice surprise. The Wheel of Time was first on the roster and showrunner Rafe Judkins came directly from Prague to talk about his connection to the book, a project he had been trying to get off the ground for years.

The contrast between Judkins and moderator Tim Kash was almost jarring. It was obviously late where Judkins was calling in from and he looked more than a little disheveled. Meanwhile, Kash seemed to be over-presenting, sounding more like a PR rep than a moderator. To be fair, Kash does things like Top of the Pops and works on E! so that’s his style. But it doesn’t always mesh in situations like this one where some level of improvising and going off-script is welcome.

I’ve said this in previous columns and it’s true, Comic-Con thrives on those impromptu fun moments. Things like learning that your favorite celeb was cosplaying as himself on the show floor, getting a surprise panelist in the middle of a session, a truly random question from a Q&A in Hall H. These things are taken out of the equation given the formatting of Comic-Con @ Home and while it is nice to see such a polished presentation, it lacks the spark that makes SDCC so much fun.

That being said, the shows Amazon has lined up look epic. I never thought I Know What You Did Last Summer would work as a show but, honestly, it just might. I look forward to watching that and many more new series this fall on Amazon.