Alien: Covenant the Retelling


So to start out, this is unfortunately another film in a long list of films that substitute graphics for storyline.

From the very beginning we are jumped right into the action with hardly any set up at all. I mean, we have a brief intro to how David came to be, but beyond that there is nothing. As the film progresses we have an establishing shot of the ship deploying its solar panels when they are hit with a blast of neutrinos that cause massive damage to the ship and cause the crew to be awakened early.

From there it’s all pretty choppy storytelling and very limited character development augmented by a bevy of computer graphics. We do get some reprieve, however, when Michael Fassbender reprises his role of “David”. This character has, arguably, the most development out of all of the characters. In fact Michael Fassbender plays two entirely different characters, both synthetics.

As I mentioned earlier. The story is pretty choppy after that. We get rushed into the Alien aspect almost immediately with things falling apart within the first few minutes of this film and continuing downhill from there. The crew, who are trained individuals, fall apart into a group panic resulting in massive destruction and chaotic catastrophe.

Over all, I would give this film about a 63 out of 100, due to its very rushed nature. I was, admittedly, a bit disappointed having liked the previous film.