After 8 Long Years Dexter Returns


After 8 long years of waiting, everyone’s favorite tormented serial killer Dexter is back to the small screen, courtesy of Showtime!

The panel featured moderator Kristin Dos Santos, Executive producer Scott Reynolds, Showrunner Clyde Phillips, Marcos Siega who directed 6 of the 10 new episodes, and Julia Jones as Dex’s new girlfriend Angela, and of course Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall!

So, what do we know about the new season of Dexter New Blood? Hidden under the name Jim Lindsay (a nod to the author of the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter the show is based on, Jeff Lindsay), Dex lives in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York, where he runs a fish and game shop, surrounded by all sorts of knives and things. Dex’s girlfriend Angela is the first female chief of police, the first POC chief of police, she’s part of the Seneca Indian nation, all of which creates great tension between her and the town.

The crew talked about all the shooting and scheduling rewrites they had to go through, especially when the Covid pandemic shut down shooting in February 2020, how the taping schedule also had to work around the weather issues presented in Western Massachusetts too. Referring to the teaser trailer shown in the panel, Phillips informed the audience that the frozen lake and the cabin Dex is in is all real, built, and used especially for the show.

Michael C. Hall talked about wondering what Dex had been up to the intervening years himself, and his own frustration at the inexplicable ending season 8 left the fans with. “One thing I think was confounding about the ending is – Dex didn’t SAY anything to us. We were accustomed to listening to his voiceover, it’s a fundamental part of the show and the audience was kind of in on his secret and implicated as a result, and the fact that he just looked at the camera and didn’t say anything was like, what are we supposed to do with that? So that look to the camera (from the new teaser) is like ‘Hi, I’m back, hello again.”

And Phillips promised, “The ending of this season will be stunning, shocking, surprising, unexpected, and without jinxing anything I can say the ending of this new season we’re doing will blow up the internet!”

Dexter New Blood debuts on Showtime Sunday, November 7th, 2021 @ 9 PM ET!