Acting, painting, drawing, ART!


We are an unusual breed, we artists. We thrive in the tumult of life. We use the experiences of our lives to elevate those around us, to help them seek beauty in their own lives. We struggle so that others may know joy, laughter, sorrow, depth…love.

We paint, draw, tell tales, paint a world of words so that the people of this world can go about their lives and have a moment of glory.

Ours is a hard, but, rewarding, life. We are the rollercoaster, we are the mountain air that cools the lungs and refreshes the soul, we are that deep laughter that brings the tears, we are artists.

We stand upon this stage of life and bear our soul so that life can have just a moment of bliss, and often times all we ask for in return is applause, or a kind word of appreciation.

We love, we laugh, we live. We sacrifice, and pour ourselves out for you, the audience. We thank you for the honor of allowing is to inspire and entertain you, our audience. We thank you for words, and your patronage.