A Global Blackout That Has Massive, Destructive Implications All Over The World!

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Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe
2022, 3 years after the Nexus 6 incident which a rogue Replicant by the name of Roy Batty accompanied with 3 other Nexus 6 models, ran amock and killed 2  high value representatives of the Tyrell Corporation in the pursuit of lengthening their limited 4 year lifespan.  During this 3 year period new nexus models were released with advances in development including an average human-like lifespan. This triggered the human supremacy movement. Replicants were singled out and murdered as other seeked shelter in the depths.
Among them was an individual by the name of Iggy.
With a plot to bring the Mega city of Los Angeles to its knees, Iggy plans to detonate a nuclear device over the Metropolis causing an EMP(Electro-Magnetic Pulse) large enough to bring the western region back to the stone age. traveling with Iggy is Trixie, another Nexus 8 replicant with the face of a doll and a mysterious look about her. this is the opening to th e third of three shorts preparing fans for the long awaited sequel to BladeRunner.
Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, famous for the popular anime Cowboy Bebop. Blackout 2022 is a labour of love by the director who was quoted to have always wanted to do a BladeRunner project. much to dismay of his fans, this project is only 15 minutes long. But these 15 minutes are well used in an effective backstory. stunning visuals, Well recreated environments from the BladeRunner Universe and an amazing combat scene involving Watanabes trademark hand-to-hand combat sequences featuring Trixie.
This is definitely a Must-See.