The Quiet Ones – Horrorgram App


Lionsgate Films has launched the QUIET ONES Horrorgram which is available to download now. This is a photo filter app similar to Instagram and Camera+ that includes a fun new fan gallery feature where users can submit their amazing creations from THE QUIET ONES and other popular past horror titles like TAXAS CHAINSAW 3D, POSSESSION videos and YOU’RE NEXT masked killer pictures.

Promoting the release of THE QUIET ONES the app is fully branded for the film, including a link to the trailer and film site and four brand new FX:

  • Picture FX

o   The Quiet Ones Demon Mark – Summon Jane Harper’s sinister power to brand the victims exposed skin with a demonic symbol.

o   Pyrokenesis – Some say that it’s possible to know everything about a person merely by making eye contact; in the case of Jane Harper, the eyes are the windows to burn the soul…

o   Spirit Photography – These photographic techniques used electricity to capture evidence of the paranormal on film, sometimes inadvertently capturing something far more terrifying.


o   Film Stock #31 Burn Out – Inspired by Professor Coupland’s film archive from THE QUIET ONES, this burning celluloid, is the perfect medium to capture the horrors of paranormal activity.